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AFONJA: THE RISE by Tunde Leye

Guardians of the Seal

Author: Tunde Leye
Publisher: TLSPLACE Media with MASOBE BOOKS
Release Date: September, 2016
Genre: Adventure
About Book

Life changes when we least expect it to. On the day Imani was supposed to get the crown jewel of her meteoric rise, she encountered a world she never imagined was there.

With a plot ranging from the very beginning of creation, enter the world of angels, demons, dragons, swords, magic and love as we race with the Guardians of the Seals to save heaven and earth from a rampaging force that threatens to destroy everything.

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Book Review

Tunde Leye infused Christian mythology, with traditional mythology from Africa and Asia and created such a superb blend of fantasy fiction. Taking references from the Bible, which he expanded on, he caused me to think beyond the physical, empower my imaginations and most especially hold in reverence the powers abounding in the spiritual realm. Read More

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